A Faifley dad is set to appear in an Amazon Prime mini-series, after his latest work in a new series was a hit on YouTube.

Robert Carr, 31, has appeared as an extra in River City, Outlander and adverts for Royal Bank of Scotland but will now feature as a main character in Cavendish.

The dad-of-two plays the role of Coach Maclay, Head of the Football Team at a private boarding school based in Scotland.

Producer, Maddie Bryce, comes from America but settled in Scotland some years ago and met Robert on the set of River City.

The pair had kept in contact and last year Robert auditioned after Maddie told him she thought he would suit the role. Since then, the cast have been working hard to produce the first two episodes and crowdfund for further content.

Meanwhile, Robert has also been working for the CO OP funeral care in Shieldhall since lockdown and had previously worked at Nuffield Health.

He told the Post: “I really believe in this project, I am excited about it and the cast have been working incredibly hard to produce it.

“Following episode three which isn’t out yet, Amazon Prime have agreed to stream the show and the first two episodes are available on YouTube.

“The whole cast have day jobs but it's the dream to be acting in Cavendish full-time.”

On top of work and acting, Robert is also busy with his young daughter and son, though they are less impressed seeing their dad on the television.

Robert added: “The kids don’t bother too much but they do shout ‘there’s daddy’ when they see me on the tele.

“At the beginning of lockdown I did write a short script about a Police Officer giving the kids into trouble for being out playing during lockdown and they got involved.

“My mate edited it and added a bit of music but it was just a bit of fun, to keep my acting up and get the kids involved.”

The first two short scenes were shot at the Trades Hall of Glasgow, but plans to move into fundraising for the next instalment and casting were slowed down due to Covid. 

Robert added: “Once episode three is ready, we will remove the first two from YouTube and make all three available on Amazon Prime to attract a larger audience.”

Maddie told the Post she decided to settle in Ayrshire after moving to the UK from Minnesota because she was made to feel at home here. 

She said: “When I came to Scotland, within the first week of someone hearing my accent, I was told, ‘you’re one of us now’. 

“Scotland deserves to have a new show of its own to showcase the best of Scottish film and TV talent both in front of behind the camera.”