A missing moggie has returned home after 32 days of living as a stray.

Marcie was a stray cat for some time before being reduced by her owner, Helen Prouse, nine years ago and didn’t return home on August 26.

Helen wasn’t too concerned for the first two days, as she expected Marcie to turn up and knows she is quite independent and could survive a few days away from home.

However, after a few days Helen took to Facebook to appeal to her neighbours to look out Marcie.

Neighbours posted to Facebook, telling of streets in the Clydebank where many cats hang around and dog walkers promised to keep a lookout for her.

With no luck, Helen worried that she had been taken in by another family and she would not return home.

She told the Post: “We lost one of our cats in July, he was only four and died of kidney failure so when she went missing it was tough, we all took it hard but I had a feeling she would be ok as we rescued her off the street 9 years ago.

“We assumed she had found another home as she is very food orientated!! And then last night she just appeared at the window, I was over the moon to see her.”

Helen can’t be sure of what age Marcie is, but believes she was under two-years-old when she rescued her, making her about 11 now.

Marcie returned home on Sunday, September 27 and her two mates, Tootsie and Sophie were happy to have her home too.