A new gym in Clydebank has joined up with the Men Matter Scotland mental health charity to offer free classes to support people's wellbeing.

Chrissy Ennis, owner of Warrior Fitness on South Elgin Street, has been supporting Glasgow comedian and Men Matter ambassador Gary Faulds with his mental and physical health for several months – and has now offered to do the same for other Bankies.

Chrissy has started two free early morning classes each week – at 6am on Monday and the same time on Friday – which are aimed at supporting people who feel anxious about attending the gym or are struggling with their own mental health issues.

Comedian Gary has openly discussed his own battles with anxiety and depression with his 127,000 Facebook followers, and put Chrissy in contact with his friend Stephen Davis from Men Matter.

Stephen also began attending the boxing and fitness gym and could see the benefits of the environment for men battling with mental health issues.

The gym and charity are now working to promote the ‘Warriors Not Worriers’ exercise classes, which will include fitness, circuit and boxing.

Gary believes more men will feel the positive impact of the club’s environment, fitness, and social aspects.

He told the Post: “I have anxiety, and it never goes away, but if I am eating well and in a good fitness routine, then it's a cycle of positivity – and I’ve really enjoyed the atmosphere down at the gym.

“If I sit at home and eat poorly, then it's a vicious cycle. And with lockdown being lifted, many men will have spent the last few months at home and potentially not in a good place.

"It's time to break that cycle and I hope men from Drumchapel and Clydebank take up this opportunity and get stuck in.

“Chrissy is a big character. We are all here to support one another with whatever you’ve got going on, be it mental or physical barriers, stopping you from achieving your goals.

“When you're grafting, you've not got time to worry, and Chrissy makes you graft.”

Chrissy said he has also had mental health issues in the past and does not want anyone to feel unable to attend.

He said: “I’m truly passionate about helping people, getting to know them and what moves them forward.

“The gym really helped me when I was struggling, and I know a lot of guys feel financial pressure – maybe they’ve got a wife and kids and they feel bad about spending money and time on themselves.

“That’s why I’ve chosen an early morning session for free, before work or even the kids are out their kip.

“Boxing and sport is about more than punching a bag or running a mile. It's about routine and discipline and achieving - all things which provide a clearer mind and a positive ethos.

“The gym is a place to be who you want to be. The classes are to support you to achieve that and if you need any help or guidance then that's what I’m here for.”

Men Matter founder, Peter Divers, also shared the collaboration on the charity’s Facebook, calling it “an outstanding gesture from Warrior Fitness" and “a great opportunity to improve your wellbeing".