A FAIFLEY man has told of his disgust at the lack of concern for pets and wildlife after his dog was cut for a fifth time on broken bottles hidden in grass, on her way home from a popular dog waking spot.

Ross Gray had been walking his pet, Cathy, at the popular spot just past the Cochno burn, and was returning home when she stood on the shards of glass and sliced her paw.

And this isn’t the first time this has happened, as Ross has had to fork out for vet bills on another four occasions in the past four years, due to careless walkers who leave their bottles and litter on the path.

The incident took place last Wednesday, September 9 at 5pm, and has left his dog with staples in the wound and antibiotics.

Ross told the Post: “We were out a walk and she let out a loud yelp.

“I spotted blood and inspected her paw to see her pad had been deeply cut.

“There was glass amongst the grass so this was clearly what had caused it. The cut had gone right down to the tissue, so she had to get staples.

“She’s on antibiotics and painkillers and has her paw all bandaged up and covered with a plastic protector.

“She just looks fed up and lethargic. She’s used to getting good, long walks but for now I can only walk her a very short distance, sometimes only out the back garden.”

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The litter issue has been a hot topic among walkers and pet owners ths year, as lockdown has attracted many more people to paths and popular hills in the Clydebank area.

Ross also took to Facebook to make others aware of the incident which has left him with a £127 vet bill.

His post read: “Thank you to the s••m that smash their glass bottles up Cochno and think it’s acceptable. You have a total disregard for kids, pets and wildlife.

“I respect the people like my dad that go up Cochno to clean the place and rid it of glass and litter. I know there’s a lot of you too.”

He continued: “If only wee idiots didn’t litter or smash bottles in the first place. Should be grateful you have Cochno on your doorstep! A beautiful place totally ruined.”

The Jaw, Greenside reservoir, Loch Humphrey and the surrounding surrounding land is owned by Scottish Water.

A spokesperson said: “We’re lucky to have many beautiful reservoirs across Scotland for people to enjoy.

“We would ask everyone to respect these green spaces and help protect the local environment and other visitors by taking any litter home.

“We are fully supportive of the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign, ‘Give Litter a Lift’, and Greenside reservoir is just one of the reservoirs where we have displayed campaign posters urging visitors to do just that.”