A RECOVERY plan to improve West Dunbartonshire’s council housing services could be introduced after tenants highlighted some problems within their properties.

New evidence presented to the housing and communities committee last week emphasized the steps which need to be taken to get the council’s repair services back on track.

Despite a satisfaction target of 84 per cent only 78 per cent of tenants were happy with the overall service. Just 76 per cent were pleased with the quality of their home missing the goal of 88 per cent.

Peter Barry, strategic lead, housing and employability, said: “We have faced some challenges throughout the pandemic, but it doesn’t dilute the areas we need to get better and it doesn’t dilute the fact that we can continue to improve areas further.

“We need to bring the service together and improve it overall, so it lasts and is sustainable.”

Labour councillor David McBride added: “There is no escaping that the overall satisfaction with the quality of homes is disappointing. The reduction is quite a vast reduction and off target.

“This is something we have raised at many meetings and we have received concerns about this from residents. We need some sort of report on recovery from Covid and recovery in general.

“We need an action plan to improve.”

Over the past 12 months, the housing improvement board (HIB) has monitored closely key work-streams aimed at improving areas of weakness around rent collection/arrears, medical adaptations and homelessness services.

Concerns were raised that miscommunication between residents and council staff meant that some problems weren’t addressed correctly.

SNP councillor Karen Conaghan said: “You hope that when we go into someone’s house to make repairs that they are happy with that and we are helping people within a reasonable time.

“We need to make sure we are getting the right information from our tenants so we can help them get the right repair. They need to supply all the information, so our members of staff know how to fix it.”

A further progress report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter will be submitted to the committee in November. It will include detailed benchmarking information and the council’s annual assurance statement.