FINANCIAL support for anyone unable to work due to localised Covid-19 restrictions in Glasgow is “absolutely on the radar”, the council leader has confirmed.

New Glasgow Labour deputy leader Eva Murray asked Susan Aitken whether talks had been held with the Scottish Government over more help for those affected.

Ms Aitken said she had raised the issue during a Scottish Government meeting and the council’s chief executive is in “regular discussions about this”.

The council leader said: “If one member of a household has to self-isolate, the entire household has to self-isolate.

“Undoubtedly, that will have an impact on the income of some households.

“There may be some businesses that have to close down as well.”

She added: “It is something that is absolutely on the radar. As is additional support for people who were on the shielding list for example.

“Although we are not asking people to re-shield, we are asking, and everyone who was on the list has been sent a text, to be an extra bit careful again now.

“Some people may well want to return to a form of shielding. They might need additional support as well. All of that is under discussion.”

Ms Aitken said she would keep elected members up to date with the situation.

“We all hope these local restrictions don’t go on any longer than they have to, but the figures are a concern,” she added.

“I think it is important to say Glasgow isn’t in lockdown and the city remains open for business.

“Glasgow’s hospitality sector is a vital part of our economy and it is in all of our interests to stop it going back into lockdown.”

Ms Aitken has attended two Scottish Government meetings on the situation in Glasgow, alongside the council’s chief executive and head of communications. These have included updates from the Chief Medical Officer.

Ms Aitken said: “It is clear that the increase in number of cases in Glasgow is primarily driven by people having too many visitors to their homes.

“There are a small number of cases linked to specific workplaces and a small number caused by returning travellers.

“That is why the government took the decision to restrict indoor visits in private homes.”

She added: “While there’s no evidence of systemic transmission in licensed venues, there have been some reported cases.

“There was agreement among all the organisations represented there should be a close eye kept on this sector.”

The council’s environmental health and city services teams are carrying out “more proactive visits” to licensed businesses.

“I don’t think any of us want to see Glasgow move back into lockdown,” Ms Aitken said.

“It is vital we use this breathing space paused by these additional restrictions to take all the steps that we can as a city, as businesses and as individuals to try to prevent that happening.”