Community groups have begged for help after funding cuts have left them uncertain of their future.

A number of charities and local groups are fighting for their survival following Glasgow City Council's rejection of the annual grant they usually received.

Now the G15 Youth Group has pleaded with its members' parents to get in touch with their elected official in a bid to overturn the decision.

The letter, which was posted to their Facebook page, said: "Due to recommendations from Glasgow City Council Glasgow Community Fund future funding, G15 youth project is set to receive 50 per cent reduction in our funding.

"This decision will have a devastating impact on the future of the project and the support to local young people of which your son or daughter maybe a member ... G15 youth project is in danger of closure due to this decision and we need your voice and support to express your value of the service and to help save G15 Youth Project."

Councillor Paul Carey called on his fellow elected members in the ward to provide cross-party support to every project in the area which was facing a funding cut.

He said: "It is absolutely crucial that organisations in our Ward like Drumchapel Money Advice, Caravan Project, G15, Buddies get the funding they need from this fund.

"This is, in effect, the last chance saloon for some of these organisations ... if these organisations do not get funding, it will be the most vulnerable in our society that will suffer, so please come with a statement to support these organisations."

A spokesman for the council said: “Demand for grant support has been exceptional – with applications received for well over double the total value of the fund.

"Unfortunately, this was always going to mean disappointment for some organisations with applications that scored less highly during assessment.

“Final decisions on awards will be made by the North West Sector Partnership later this week.”

He added: “Members were clear that transitional funding was not an alternative way of awarding grants – it is intended to support key third sector organisations within the city to continue to deliver services while developing sustainable plans for the future."