BANKIES have been thanked by the town’s MSP in response to recent restrictions being reimposed.

Last week, the First Minister announced that households across West Dunbartonshire should not meet other households indoors.

Gil Paterson MSP said that it is disappointing that measures have had to be reintroduced but are vital to ensure the virus won’t spread.

He said: “The people of Clydebank have done a great job in observing and following the guidelines and as a result we have made much progress in containing this disease and reopening the schools and the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.

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“Make no mistake this virus is still with us and could spread very quickly again if we are not vigilant. So, mask wearing, social distancing and hand sanitising measures are absolutely required if we are to return to normal any time soon.

“Can I take this opportunity to thank all Bankies again for their patience with the restrictions and their good nature during the pandemic. And can I urge everybody to comply with the guidelines so that we can return to normal life as soon as possible. Stay safe.”