A YOUNG mother with a newborn daughter and child with breathing difficulties says council officers have failed to act on complaints about the state of the flats where she lives.

Megan Connolly claims she has been offered no support by West Dunbartonshire despite raising numerous concerns about the condition of the high-rise block at Burnside Court in Dalmuir.

Megan, who gave birth to her son six weeks ago and also has two daughters aged two and eight, told the Post she has previously submitted medical forms to her housing officer which explain her youngest daughter’s breathing issues due to inflamed adenoids – but says she is being forced to live in a flat with dampness and bugs.

The 28-year-old says she also complained to the council and police about an attempted break in last year, and a smell which she reported because she thought someone had died.

Council bosses said they were offering advice and support.

Megan told the Post: “I am at my wits’ end. I feel like I’ve pursued every avenue.

“When I reported the bugs, I was told they couldn’t be due to an issue with the building as I am nine floors up, therefore it must be an issue with the cleanliness of my home.

“At one point my housing officer had arranged to come out, but then he was off, and no-one ever chased it up.

“I feel like I was placed here because three years ago I was in desperate need of somewhere to live, but my children deserve better than this.”

Megan also claims there have been issues with drug misuse, urine in the stairwells and vermin in the building. She told how neighbours and their visitors will try and speak to her daughters while under the influence.

She praised the caretaker of the flats, who she said works hard to keep the communal areas clean – but says the number of weekend incidents makes their job impossible.

The 28-year-old added: “I never take the stairs because I have three small children and there is always urine in the stairwell.

“But my only alternative is the lift and after the weekend, there are often empty drink bottles and cans so my eldest daughter is beginning to ask questions about it all.

“I have now asked not to be placed in a tenement-style home as the stress of this while pregnant and with a newborn is too much. I just want a nice home for my kids.”

Megan also says she reported an attempted break-in last year when she returned home to find that someone had tried to force the front door of her flat off its hinges.

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “We are sorry to hear that this tenant is unhappy.

“Officers are investigating the report of pest infestation and will take swift action to resolve this if evidence is discovered at the property.

“We are continuing to provide advice and support to Ms Connolly, including consideration of her request to be rehoused.”