Workers are tackling an area of subsidence at a Clydebank cemetery after concerns were raised.

A section of ground near a building leased to A Buchanan Memorials is being investigated for a suspected broken drain, confirmed council bosses.

A concerned member of the public, who would not provide their name, told the Post there was a 6.5-metre-deep “sinkhole”. They also said a couple of display headstones at the site had “disappeared”.

He said: “It’s been going for several years but only now the council has taken notice of it.”

But Sandy Buchanan, owner of the memorials firm said the stones had been moved because of the ground conditions and the depression was perhaps six inches deep and four or five feet wide.

He told the Post: “There was a small indent starting to appear and we contacted the council.

“This is the third time they have tried to fix it. There was a six-inch bulge going down - it wasn’t even a hole.

“Two stones have been removed – they started to go squinty. It’s not quite as dramatic.”

He added: “The council have dealt with it pretty well. I’m quite happy with what’s happening with it.”

A council spokeswoman said: “Work has started to investigate and repair a small area of subsidence in the corner of Old Dalnottar Cemetery which is leased to Buchanan Memorials.

“It is believed to be the result of a broken drain and repairs will start as soon as this is confirmed.”

A concern raised about a problem with a manhole near the entrance to the cemetery off the A82 would be investigated, said the council.

In 2017, a massive sinkhole deeper than the height of the Titan Crane opened up under Kilbowie Road, requiring months of work to fill it in. It was blamed on previously unrecorded mine shafts in the area.