THE team at a post office in Drumchapel who have fought hard to keep the service open are encouraging residents to continue making use of it.

Christopher Allan took over the Hecla Avenue branch several months ago after saving it from closing down, but yearly reviews will take place, monitoring the usage of the service.

The 31-year-old from Drumchapel said: “I have fought long and hard to ensure we kept our post office within our community, however, we need you to help us keep our branch in operation at the heart of our Drumchapel community.

“Many people were pleased to hear that the branch was saved but we need you to continue to use us or run the risk that you could lose us.

“As you may be able to tell as a Drumchapel boy, I am passionate about our community. As I knew growing up, our post office was indeed at the heart of our community.

“To be able to take the branch from Post Office and have it in the hands of a true Drumchapel local is a great honour, not just for me, but for all of us, as it now truly becomes ‘oor postie’.”

Despite a rise in footfall, Christopher said the job to keep the service is still not over.

He added: “We need to keep Hecla busy. We have a nice spacious, well laid out branch, bigger than any post office this side of Glasgow and would be happy to help you.

“We know now during the Covid crisis that space is a great thing to have.”

The Hecla Avenue post office, based at Drumchapel Shopping Centre, offers a range of services including stamps, cash deposits and withdrawals, account balance checks, as well as passport and DVLA services.