SCHOOL kids across the area have been provided tablet computers to help them use the internet and keep up with school.

A total 34 tablets have been provided to youngsters in Knightswood, Drumchapel and Scotstoun by Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) after a Knightswood primary school headteacher asked her local GHA office if they could help some pupils access the internet.

The school already provides online lessons for kids, but many parents had to pick up printed copies because they either didn’t have the internet at home or because children had to share a mobile phone to access the work.

GHA has now provided 24 tablets for pupils at Bankhead Primary as well as another 10 for families who live in multi-storey flats.

Trevor Walsh, from Knightswood, said it will be a big help to stepson John, 11.

Trevor said: “The tablet will make a big difference to John. He’s very interested in technology and he’s more likely to work with the tablet.

"It will make things easier for him and will be really good for his concentration.”

Bilal Pashton, 7, from Knightswood, is also excited about the tablet. His dad said: “This will be a great help to Bilal.

"He’s missing school, his friends and his teacher, so the tablet will make him more connected.

“He’s very excited. It’s great that GHA is helping young people like this.”

Celine McKinlay, head teacher of Bankhead Primary in Knightswood, said the school will also use the tablets to provide technology classes for parents.

She said: “I thought we might be fortunate enough to receive a couple of tablets, but when GHA said they would provide tablet computers for 24 families, I was overwhelmed by the generosity.

“I know the families will be very grateful too and I’m looking forward to seeing how the tablets will enhance the children’s learning."