THE mum of a teenager who was hit with a metal goal post has said he was very lucky not to be seriously injured or killed.

Laura Davidson, 36, told the Post that her 13-year-old son Cameron was in the football field with his friends at Goldenhill Primary School, when the equipment fell on him.

She said: “The gate was open where the kids play football, so they were in there and he literally touched the top of the goal post and it fell.

“The whole thing came down on top of him.

“It was really bad. He was so lucky it didn’t hit him on the temple – it hit his ear which was bruised and swollen.

“Something needs to be done to secure the goal post – my son could have been killed.”

Laura and Cameron, who used to live in Faifley but now live in Newcastle, were back in Clydebank visiting when the accident took place on Saturday, July 11.

The worried mum called the council to inform them what happened and to report that the goal post was insecure but said the employee’s attitude who answered the phone to her was “terrible”.

She added: “When I phoned the council to complain the guy on the phone was just like ‘accidents happen’. I said to him that my kid could have been killed but he just responded with ‘I don’t think so’.

“I couldn’t believe it. He told me I could phone the education department about the matter, so I did, because he wasn’t any help.

“They had no staff in because of Covid-19 so I left a message but haven’t heard back,” she said.

“With the kids going back in August I thought I’d phone up to avoid it happening again. I couldn’t live with myself if I sat back and done nothing.

“What if that happened to a smaller child in primary one?

“Cameron was scared to come in and tell me as he was worried he shouldn’t have been in the school, but the goal post shouldn’t be that insecure.”

A spokesperson for West Dunbartonshire Council told the Post: “The sports pitch at Goldenhill Primary is secured by a perimeter fence and the gate is locked when the school is closed, including during holidays and at weekends.

“The damage was reported to the council on Wednesday, July 14, and we inspected the site and have arranged to secure the gates again.

“For safety reasons we would ask parents to remind their children that school sporting facilities which are closed during the holidays should not be accessed.”