A CLYDEBANK schoolgirl missed her best friend so much over lockdown she decided to put her creative talent to use and write her a special song.

Sophie McGeever, nine, wanted to cheer up her best buddy Devin after spending a long four months apart due to the coronavirus restrictions.

She sang her own lyrics, which was recorded by her uncle, and put together a video montage.

The adorable clip has since gone viral on social media - racking up more than 20,000 views.

The duo, who are never away from each other’s side, have always spent time together since they were babies.

They attended the same Bookbug class, toddlers group, and nursery.

Sophie’s mum, Mandi Coleman, told the Post: “All their lives they have been together. They’re in the same primary and both attend at Dance OFF Academy.

“During the whole of lockdown she was missing Devin – they hadn’t seen each other since March apart from when we dropped a birthday gift off in the garden but they didn’t see each other properly.

“Sophie came up with the idea to write the song herself.“She asked if she could sing it and send it to Devin as a surprise to let her know how much she was missing her, so she wrote it then got help from her uncle Jamie to record, add music and edit it.”

Despite always singing around the house, and making songs with her sister and friends, Sophie has never put her musical and creative talents to use before.

She has since been reunited with Devin and both girls are over the moon to be able to spend time together again.

Mandi added: “They’re usually always together. They’re in the same class, they go between houses for sleepovers, and we have lots of play dates so they’ve never been apart anywhere near this long.

“Devin got shown the video in her back garden and that’s when me and Sophie sneaked up and surprised her – she loved it and was so happy with it, she didn’t know Sophie was coming.

“Sophie was asking, ‘Am I allowed to hug her?’

“So they were giving each other big hugs. Every two minutes they were just cuddling.”

Some lyrics from Sophie’s original song include: “It’s been four months since I saw you, since lockdown tore us apart. I miss you very much, but you’re always in my heart.

“I miss the fun we had, and the things we used to do, and of course your lovely smile, and I miss you being you.”