THE Post Office in Old Kilpatrick will be shutting at the end of the month, but the situation must ‘urgently’ be resolved, says a local MSP.

Services at the Nisa Local, Dumbarton Road, will close on July 31 following the resignation of the postmaster and withdrawal of the premises for Post Office use.

Despite a new postmaster and premise being sought, Gil Paterson MSP, stressed the importance of the return of the services.

He said: “No one wants to see the Post Office in Old Kilpatrick close for any length of time - especially after months of services and shops being under lockdown.

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“However, this is an unavoidable situation, and I am informed the Post Office is doing its best to limit how long it is closed for, and advertising for a new postmaster in the village.

“It is of the utmost urgency that this situation is resolved - Post Offices are still incredibly important to communities.”

Mr Paterson urged constituents to make other plans in the meantime. The nearest Post Office for Bowling and Old Kilpatrick residents is now in Dalmuir - 1.6 miles away.

Local businesses can apply to be a postmaster at, with the MSP describing it as a “good opportunity” for a small business.