A HUGE online archive of Clydebank photos has been saved for future generations to enjoy – just days before the site’s host was due to pull the plug.

Owen McGuigan, 68, set up My Clydebank Photos page on the Mr Site platform in 2009. But at the end of May he was told he had just a month to move all of the pictures because the websites were being closed down by the host.

Owen has been snapping shots of Clydebank since he bought a cheap camera in 1975 and began making 8mm cine films.

After the birth of his daughter, Jennifer, in 1978, he bought a more expensive Pentax camera and his passion for photography grew.

Owen grew up just a short walk from Whitecrook and he told the Post his upbringing inspired his love for the area. He said: “As a child, my two sisters would play in Clydebank a lot and go to the two cinemas, the Bank and the Empire, although it burned down when I was very young.

“We played in Whitecrook Park, climbing the trees, playing on the swing park, before health and safety. I had very little money growing up.”

He added: “I took photos of all sorts of things including Clydebank. I didn’t know the internet was coming, so it was only family and friends who saw my movies and photographs.

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“Then, when the internet came along, I kept saying I would love to put my photos on a website.

“I had no idea how to do it, but my daughter bought me a starter Mr Site website.

“I launched the website on New Year’s Day 2009 and it then just took off from there.

“The Post did a story on it and it brought in a lot of visitors. I kept adding to it over the years including guest photos from other photographers and visitors.”

His historical site quickly became popular with Bankies, as well as ex-pats living around the world.

Owen admitted that he almost called it a day after receiving the bad news – but then decided that it was worth setting up a new site with another host – especially since the page featured the work of many other local photographers.

Owen said: “It has turned out to be a much better viewing experience especially on a mobile phone, which is what most people use now to browse the internet, so MyClydebankPhotos will keep going.”