PRIMARY seven pupils in Clydebank have enjoyed a taster of what ‘big school’ will be like when they move on to secondary education in August.

And pupils and their parents are hopeful that the start of the new school year will be a lot less stressful than the end of the old one.

If the coronavirus can continue to be suppressed, and if the advice of scientists and health experts allows, pupils across West Dunbartonshire will return to class on a full-time basis on August 12, with no social distancing required.

And one Clydebank mum has spoken to the Post about her renewed optimism, and that of her daughter, after a ‘transition’ visit in the last week of term.

Kelly McLean’s daughter Carly has now left Our Holy Redeemer’s Primary in Whitecrook, and will start at St Peter the Apostle High School next month, joining her older siblings Holly-Jaye and Aidan.

The pandemic meant Carly’s planned ‘transition’ visit to her new school didn’t happen, but West Dunbartonshire Council was able to organise a single day’s visit on Wednesday, June 24.

Kelly told the Post: “I’m worried that the kids have missed so much school already and that the kids returning part time could be detrimental in their learning later.

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“Obviously I understand that we are in a pandemic and this had to be done.

“I hope, come August, that things will be a lot clearer about returning to school and I’m hopeful that the kids will be full-time.

“I work full-time and if the kids only go back for two days a week, or, for my daughter, going into first year for one day a week – I honestly don’t think it would be enough and possibly I wouldn’t be able to return to work full-time.”

Carly missed out on the last three months of primary seven – and her ‘transition’ visit was the first opportunity she’d had in months to see some of her friends.

The 12-year-old said: “We were shown a video of where all the different classrooms were but we were only allowed in the one classroom.

“I was really happy that I was in the same group with my friends from primary school.

“It will be good to be in high school with her, Holly and Aidan and I mostly can’t wait to meet new and old friends from other primary schools.”