DESSERT has been going down a treat with residents at Clyde Court Care Home thanks to their very own handmade ice cream van.

Staff member Irene Muir, along with her husband Jack, both from Clydebank, took it upon themselves to build the creation in a bid to cheer up those living at the home.

The couple used an old trolley, cardboard, tinfoil, the hood of a baby’s pram and a lick of paint to build the van.

It took them around two days, but they said it has been worth all their efforts.

Stacey Muir, 28, the couple’s daughter, who also works at the home, told the Post: “With lockdown going on, we’ve tried to bring in different activities throughout the home.

“When the ice cream van comes round, the residents love it, and so do the staff.

“It makes things more exciting for everyone.

“They all look forward to it coming round – they shout out ‘there’s the ice cream van!’”

The residents get their treat two or three times a week – and it even includes sound effects.

Stacey added: “Ashley takes the van round and has her phone in it playing the ice cream van tune.

“We have different flavours of ice creams, cones, tubs, all different sauces and sprinkles.

“It’s definitely cheered the residents up, it’s something different for them.

“Even when lockdown is over we will continue to use the van.”

No visitors have been allowed inside the facility since March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But all staff at the home have been working hard to keep the residents’ spirits up as well as entertain them with a wide range of activities.

Families have been offered drive-thru or window visits, while sticking to strict social distancing and wearing PPE.