A HARDGATE man is worried someone will be killed in a car accident following a spate of crashes in four days.

The resident, who doesn’t want to be identified, told the Post there had been four crashes on Kilbowie Road lately – two on June 28, another the following day and one on July 1.

All four have happened at a bend in the road between the Hardgate roundabout and Kilbowie roundabout.

“It’s getting beyond a joke,” the source said. “Is it going to take a fatality before the council address the issue?

“And these are only incidents I know of. And how many come round and are about to crash but manage to gain control again?”

The homeowner, who is responsible for a brick wall along with others in the estate, is sometimes left out of pocket following the crashes.

On Wednesday, July 1, at around 11.15pm, the man who crashed went through the brick wall outside his home.

The resident, who was sleeping, and had to be up for work at 6am, said: “My bedroom faces the back and the bang woke me up it was that loud.

“The wall had just been finished repaired five weeks ago from a previous crash.

“I got the driver’s car details so can claim his insurance to get all the repairs done, but the time before, the car just drove away.

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“I was left to claim through my house insurance – and I had to pay an excess fee.

“The bricks go all over the grass, all over the access road and all over the driveways.

“It’s happened four times in the last five years, and three of the times have been outside my property.

“I’m left to pick up the mess but luckily I’ve got good neighbours that help me.

“We were out till half one in the morning clearing up the debris so we could get our cars out the access street only hours later.

“At the moment it’s just property getting damaged, but is it going to take a life to be lost for something to get done about the road?”

The woman who was involved in the crash on June 29 posted on social media warning other drivers about the dangers of the road.

Her post racked up more than 200 comments, with others sharing their experiences of similar near crashes.

In response, a West Dunbartonshire Council spokeswoman said: “As soon as we became aware of incidents on this road, we arranged for an inspection, which identified no surface defects or material on the carriageway.

“We have undertaken mechanical cleaning of its surface as a further precaution, instructed specialist testing of the carriageway and installed temporary signage to advise motorists to drive with caution and according to road and weather conditions.

“We liaise with Police Scotland following all incidents to assess the cause and determine any action required.”