Senior Clydebank pupils from low income families have been encouraged to apply for an allowance which will support their attendance at school.

The Educational Maintenance Announcement (EMA) is open to students who stay on at school after they reach the statutory leaving age and could see them benefit by £30 per week.

It is available to youngsters who have achieved 100 per cent attendance per week at school and is paid on a two-weekly basis. Applications will be going online for the first time this year.

Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, said: “The EMA provides essential funds to young people to help them out and put some cash in their pockets – another great policy unique to Scotland.

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“I urge young people to get onto the West Dunbartonshire Council website and check if they are eligible – the eligibility is wide ranging, covering household incomes of up to £26,884.

“Getting it done as soon as possible will ensure the funds come in at the right time, and no one is left out of pocket.”

To apply, visit