DALMUIR’S Golden Jubilee Hospital will resume many of its operations for the first time in months from today [July 1].

Work will begin on planned care such as heart and lung procedures, hip and knee replacements, cataracts and diagnostics tests.

But the hospital is also looking to accelerate its expansion plans as Scotland’s NHS works to recover from a backlog in procedures paused when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

NHS Golden Jubilee said patients would notice a change in how they run services, such as one-way corridors, two-week self-isolation ahead of attending the hospital, and a limit on visitors.

Jann Gardner, chief executive, confirmed they had had patients on site who tested positive for Covid-19 but have been clear of the virus for “some time”.

She told the Post: “We have been very fortunate – we planned very well. We have single rooms predominantly. All these things helped us look after patients safely.

“It’s fantastic to have a plan to move back to providing that essential care. We are delighted to help more patients.”

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Ms Gardner also thanked her staff for going “above and beyond” during the crisis and the “wonderful kindness they have shown”.

The hospital continued to treat urgent heart and lung patients while they were on emergency footing because of Covid-19.

They expect to provide diagnostic and cancer treatments for patients across Scotland “for the foreseeable future”.

Work will increase with longer days and services across six days a week to meet demand.

New tablets have been bought to help patients speak to loved ones when they are in hospital.

Ms Gardner said they created two new wards and will be opening them as soon as possible, as well as accelerating opening of six new ophthalmology theatres to September.

Anne Marie Cavanagh, NHS Golden Jubilee’s director of nursing and allied health professions, added: “Coming into hospital is an anxious time and this may have been heightened by what has occurred this year.

“NHS Golden Jubilee prides itself in providing high quality health services with good outcomes and we would like to assure patients that we have planned recommencement of services in line with national guidance on testing, personal protective equipment, physical distancing and our usual strict cleaning regimes.

“All of this planning means that NHS Golden Jubilee is ready to fully open for business from July 1.”