BANKIES are being called upon to suggest new social distancing infrastructure for the area.

A £30 million fund has been set up to support local authorities to deliver temporary infrastructure to maintain social distancing whilst walking and cycling in the town.

They should include the following essential journeys: to and from hospitals and health services, to shops, pharmacies and schools for key workers, and journeys for recommended exercise, for example neighbourhoods and local parks.

The Spaces for People fund will be administered by Sustrans and cover 100 per cent of the project costs.

An interactive map has been set up where members of the public can make suggestions on what needs to be put in place and where, and any other comments regarding social distancing.

One person wrote: “I am a key worker working in the Dalmuir area. I have noticed Dumbarton Road getting very busy with traffic and also the canal path with far too many people crossing Dumbarton Road to get to the other side of canal at Dalmuir.

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“Many times I have been far too close to people on the pavement waiting on the green man.

“Also, the shops at Dalmuir where the Taj takeaway is and the local shop next to it, far too many people hanging around not social distancing.”

The worker suggested an extended pavement and improved crossing area, as well as marked pedestrian waiting areas outside shops.

Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, said: “I hope members of the public can make their voices heard and help make the streets of Clydebank a safer place for social distancing while walking or cycling around the town.

“It is a great website they have set up for this purpose, which will actually allow people to suggest measures to streets and areas the local authority may not think about at first - it is a great way to bring in local knowledge.

“It is important, as we come out of lockdown, that we make sure everyone not just is safe, but feels safe and confident when going out, and that is what these additional funds and suggestions will go towards doing.”

The interactive map to make comments on can be found at