DALMUIR'S Golden Jubilee Hospital will resume planned care for key specialties from July 1.

The Covid-19 pandemic lead to the halt of elective procedures and the Golden Jubilee focused instead on treating urgent heart and lung patients, while collaborating with other NHS boards to allow a range of urgent cancer patients to be treated.

However, with the lockdown measures easing, heart and lung procedures will recommence, as well as hip and knee replacements, cataract treatment and a range of diagnostics tests.

The hospital will also continue to provide diagnostic and cancer treatments.

Jann Gardner, chief executive of NHS Golden Jubilee, said: “NHS Golden Jubilee is well placed to start to accelerate treatment for patients who have been waiting for diagnostic or surgical care during the pandemic.”

Anne Marie Cavanagh, NHS Golden Jubilee’s director of nursing and allied health professions, added: “Coming into hospital is an anxious time and this may have been heightened by what has occurred this year.

“NHS Golden Jubilee prides itself in providing high quality health services with good outcomes and we would like to assure patients that we have planned recommencement of services in line with national guidance on testing, personal protective equipment, physical distancing and our usual strict cleaning regimes.”