Council bosses have again hit out at flytipping and littering at beauty spots as Bankies raise more complaints about green space eyesores.

Pictures appeared on Facebook last week of rubbish dumped outside the Old Kilpatrick recycling point, John Brown’s park in Whitecrook and at the entrance to Loch Humphrey.

Bankies were quick to react, some offering to go and clean it up themselves while others branded the culprits “disgusting lazy people”, and “turning the place into a slum”.

One commented on pictures of Loch Humphrey: “There is a minority of very selfish, thoughtless people who don’t give a damn. The law should come down hard on these types who spoil things for the rest of us.”

Another told how they clean up after others who leave their rubbish, they posted: “I take a bag with me to lift rubbish and could fill it a hundred times over. Why are people so dirty and ignorant? Take it home with you - it’s not difficult.”

John Brown’s Park was strewn with litter, including fast food wrappers and empty drinks cans lying on the football field, said residents.

The Post has previously reported how the nearby Clydebank Community Sports Hub was blighted by litter and vandalism to the astroturf.

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council, who said they would clear John Brown’s Park and the Old Kilpatrick tip entrance, said: “It is disappointing that a small number of people are being irresponsible by illegally dumping litter in green spaces that are enjoyed by the whole community.

“This waste poses a risk of infection to the frontline employees who clear it so we would encourage all residents and visitors to do the right thing and either take their litter home with them or dispose of it in one of the many bins located across West Dunbartonshire.”