This week’s picture of the week comes from 14-year-old Connor Bryce and shows the Azamara Quest liner sailing past Clydebank as the sun went down on Friday evening.

Bankies flocked to the riverside to watch the £150 million cruise ship as it headed for the King George V Dock at Shieldhall, passing West College Scotland and the Titan Crane just before 10pm and the Golden Jubilee Hospital a few minutes later.

The ship - the second of three Azamara cruise liners destined for temporary ‘lay-up’ on the Clyde - had only essential staff on board for its journey from Southampton to Glasgow, and is unlikely to sail with its usual 700 holidaymakers on board in the near future.

The third, Azamara Journey, is expected to arrive in Glasgow today (Wednesday).

Peel Ports, which operates the King George V dock, said all three vessels would undergo a deep clean before arriving on the Clyde, where they’re expected to stay until the cruise holiday market recovers following the coronavirus crisis.

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