A CLYDEBANK teenager has launched her own business during lockdown, after taking inspiration from a TikTok video.

Ebony Smith, from Duntocher, started ‘Tie-Dye For’ after watching an online video of someone dyeing their own clothes.

The 14-year-old admits she had become “a bit lazy” during lockdown and was inspired by the video to make her own clothes.

Ebony is among hundreds of students from across Clydebank who have been in lockdown for almost three months, and she told the Post she hasn’t seen her friends and was feeling bored, down and unmotivated.

The St Peter the Apostle High School pupil said: “I have always been into fashion and I really enjoy keeping up with trends, but lockdown had made me quite lazy and my mum was also worried I wasn’t keeping busy.

“I have been doing my classwork, but apart from that I was really bored, and so when I saw the video and made my own stuff, I posted it on my own Instagram and everyone loved it.

“I just thought ‘I could make something of this’, but I wasn’t sure people would actually buy it.

“I advertised and got quite a few orders, and now I’m receiving orders from England and Ireland too, so the business has taken off more than I expected.”

Ebony has been using a vinyl machine and T-shirt press to make the clothes, including hoodies, socks, baby outfits and T-shirts.

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She customises the clothes, with the customer given options to include initials or slogans and the choice from a range of colours.

She told the Post her mum, Nicole, is incredibly proud and supportive – but also makes sure she is still doing her school work.

The teen intends to keep her new business going when she returns to school in August, and even plans to launch her own website later this month.

Ebony said: “The business has only been going for a month, but the interest has been so good that I hope I will continue with it.

“Because I can customise, I can make anything really.

“I know tie-dye might be a trend for now but I’m going to keep up with what is going on in fashion so I can offer what people want.

“I can deliver locally, or post items, and I bulk buy stock, but I am also happy to tie-dye anything so if a customer sends me a white item they want me to customise, then I can do that, too.

“I haven’t always been business minded but I have always been into fashion and my mum runs her own business so she has helped and my friends have loved seeing how quickly it has taken off.

“Right now if anyone wants to order then they just direct message me on Facebook or Instagram, but soon they will be able to put in an order on my website.”

As well as hoping to see her business grow, Ebony is also looking forward to seeing her friends when lockdown is lifted in the coming months.