A DRIVING instructor has lost a whopping five stone since February, thanks to the help of her Clydebank personal trainer and his ‘a year to save my life’ challenge.

Morag Dunbar, 49, has battled with her weight her entire life and at her heaviest, weighed a life threatening 28 stone.

She managed to lose seven stone after having gastric-sleeve surgery in October 2017, but had struggled to get below 21stone before she began working with Chris McGugan.

The mother-of-two told the Post how her weight spiralled out of control after a divorce and saw her gain six stones in less than a year.

Chris is a personal trainer and boxing instructor at Warrior Fitness in South Elgin Street.

Chris said: “Morag had been attending my boxercise classes for some time and had made a few friends. She was enjoying it, but struggling to see any results as she was not adhering to sound nutrition guidelines.

“I got speaking to her one evening and mentioned my previous clients’ results and she asked if I would consider her."

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Morag, from Milngavie, said: “Chris is great at explaining why I am doing an exercise and what muscles it works, as well as providing health meal alternatives which I really enjoy.

“Lockdown has had a negative impact on so many people, but for me it has given me the time to focus on my health.

“I was at breaking point when I had my surgery and paid for it privately because I needed urgent treatment but now I feel incredible.

“My kids are so proud of me and I just can’t thank Chris enough.”

Her original goal was to lose eight stone this year, but she has already lost five in just four months. She has gone from 21st 2lb in February to a comfortable 16st 1lb.

The goal now is to get her to a healthy 13 stone, and then build some muscle to combat the loose skin from her incredible weight loss.