Update: Belle has been found and is back home receiving lots of cuddles. 

BANKIES are being asked to look out for a rescue dog who went missing in the Bowling area earlier this week.

Belle, who has been described as very nervous, may still be wearing a red lead and has a collar and tag.

She tends to hide away so local residents are being asked to check their gardens and under their cars.

The rescue dog has been missing since Tuesday morning, and her owners are desperate to find her.

Despite no luck in getting Belle back, there have been two possible sightings – one of Belle running through Bowling, and another at Arnold Clark in Milton. She was seen with a girl in her late teens.

A £100 reward is being offered for Belle’s return.

Owner Michelle Riley said: “If you do spot her and she is loose please don't chase as she is very nervous and will run away.

“If it's possible to keep sight of her and let us know where you are that would be brilliant or even just give us the location and we will be out like a shot.

“Thanks once again for all your help. We are new to the area, but we are so happy to have so many helpful folks around.”

If you spot or know any information regarding Belle, please get in touch with Michelle on 07530 583 160.