A ScotRail ticket examiner based at Dalmuir station has received NHS-accredited mental health first aid training.

Dominic Quilty is one of more than 50 ScotRail employees to have received the extensive training, which will provide rail staff with the skills they need to be able to identify someone who is developing a mental health issue and guide them to the relevant service.

Dominic has already helped several colleagues since receiving his mental health first aid training and has made positive steps to break down the stigma and encourage more people to speak up about their own wellbeing.

He said: “It’s really important for us to continue to break down the stigma that has historically been associated with mental health, and ScotRail’s mental health first aid training is pivotal in this.

“The skills I’ve learned have allowed me to help a number of colleagues who were going through difficult times, and my advice to others would be: don’t be afraid to speak to someone and strike up a conversation if you think they may be struggling.

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“In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to ensure those going through a difficult time get the help they need.”

ScotRail’s mental health first aiders have had to find new ways to ensure colleagues receive support during the pandemic, with video conferencing calls to allow support group meetings taking place.

Nadya Kuhl, ScotRail occupational health and wellbeing manager, said: “During this unprecedented global crisis, it’s important that we continue to talk about our mental health.

“Whether that’s texting a friend, chatting to colleagues through video conferencing apps, or checking in with a vulnerable neighbour, our society really benefits from peoples’ selflessness and kind-hearted actions.”