TRAFFIC marshals were drafted in to manage “shocking” queues in Great Western Road Retail Park when some stores re-opened during lockdown.

The public reported lengthy tailbacks in the car park and marshals were asking shoppers where they were going and guiding them to ensure cars did not disrupt traffic on Great Western Road and Duntreath Avenue.

The drive-thru at Starbucks opened on May 15, in quick succession to KFC and Burger King on May 13. Meanwhile, B&Q has been flooded with customers keeping busy in their gardens and using lockdown to carry out some DIY home improvements.

Starbucks is offering a drive-thru service, click and collect, or delivery. KFC and Burger King are offering delivery and drive-thru.

Pictures from social media show a trail of vehicles lining outside Starbucks, with some Facebook users commenting they waited around 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, KFC reported they saw sales of up to £5,000 a day at the Drumchapel store on opening week.

Other stores in the retail park did not close when lockdown was announced on March 23, with B&M and Sainsbury’s remaining open but with strict social distancing guidelines. B&Q offered a reduced service when they reopened at the end of April.

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Many Facebook users were annoyed as shoppers reportedly waited longer to get into the park for their essential weekly shop because of queues caused by fast-food outlets.

One user on Call Yerself a Bankie! said: “Shocking queues in the retail park. People blocking entrances and exits to lanes and traffic at a stand still.”

However, another argued: “It isn’t just for coffee. It isn’t just KFC or Burger King or whatever. If a wee bit of normality calms the brain then why not.”

In response, a spokesperson for Great Western Retail Park told the Post: “We are legally obliged to support the tenants and facilitate the operation of their business and we have limited authority to interfere with them.

“However, we are continually monitoring government policy and communicating with the tenants to ensure regulations are adhered to and customers are made aware of what is going on; the welfare of visitors to the park remains of paramount importance at all times.

“In relation to cafés and restaurants, each operator is responsible for the management of their queues in the car park.

“In order to comply with regulations they are providing marshals to help with the queues at peak times and manage visitors onto the park.

“Customers are being asked by the marshals to follow the designated routes in order to obtain their order as quickly as possible.”