A CLYDEBANK politician and business representative have welcomed an insight into plans to ease lockdown measures – but urged its success will be dependent on timing and public co-operation.

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, speaking from Holyrood last Thursday, revealed details of the Scottish Government’s route map to take the country out of the current Covid-19 lockdown, providing information about how and when restrictions might be eased.

Initially, more outdoor activity will be permitted, including sitting and sunbathing in parks and open areas. People will also be able to meet one other household outside. Some sport will also start up again, such as golf, tennis, bowls and fishing.

Residents will also now be able to travel, preferably by walking or cycling, to a location near their community for recreation. Industries including agriculture, forestry and construction are expected to reopen as well.

Gil Paterson, SNP MSP for Clydebank, said: “We all know that we can’t live this way forever and we all want to get back to some sense of normality.

“While we need to move carefully and gradually, the route map laid out by the First Minister clearly sets out the steps that will take us there.

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“Too many people across West Dunbartonshire and Scotland have lost their lives to this disease and we can’t risk another peak – so we must move in line with our own circumstances, which is the only sensible thing to do.

“We will get through this by working together by sticking to the advice to suppress the virus further and get back a way of life that is as close to normal as possible.”

Damon Scott, chief executive of Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce, an organisation which supports local companies, said the route map was a “helpful start”.

He said: “Different businesses and sectors will need practical guidance on when they can return to the workplace and what measures they need to put in place to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.”

He added: “Our local businesses and town centres are at the heart of our communities in Dunbartonshire providing local jobs, skills development and contributing both locally and nationally to the public purse. It is crucial that we help and support them to get back to business as soon as is safely possible.

“It’s critical that this well-intentioned plan does not move ahead quicker than our testing and tracing capacity can cope with, or we’ll be back in full lockdown very quickly.”