SMALL businesses in West Dunbartonshire have received more than £10 million to cope with the impact of the coronavirus lockdown.

A total of 912 grants have been handed out, totalling £10,440,000. And with the total number of applications at 1,215, more funds will be injected into the economy in the coming weeks and months to support local jobs and growth.

Gil Paterson, Clydebank’s MSP, said: “Funds like these are essential to prevent businesses from collapsing during times when the government has asked them to close their doors to the public.

“But these closures are having a tremendous effect in helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and we can all look forward to opening up again soon.

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“I am glad to see so much has been injected into the West Dunbartonshire economy to support our vital small business sector during this lockdown. I encourage all businesses in the area to investigate what support they are eligible for as the funds are being paid out quickly and efficiently.”

Nationwide the grant support is worth over £1bn to business, and is part of the wider business support package worth £2.3 billion.