Rebecca Brown and her fiancée Laura McCue will be among many Bankies who have missed the sun, sea and airport drinks that would normally be enjoyed with a holiday abroad – so instead they brought the pool party to their own living room.

The duo live three floors up in a flat in Faifley, so they have no garden space in which to enjoy the recent sunshine.

Rebecca was bored of her routine so she ordered a pool online and as the pair bought their weekly food shop they picked up essentials for their lockdown pool party.

The party for two was completed with a beach backdrop on their TV and Saturday night favourite, GBX.

Rebecca told the Post: “The sunny days were out and we couldn't have thought of anything better, once I told Laura, she was like, ‘I'm with you, we're doing this’.

“I ordered a pool, sunglasses and Hawaiian skirts, and when we were out doing our shopping we picked up pool party stuff and that's exactly what we did, had a pool party in the house for two.

“It took us two or three hours to fill, basin after bucket after basin after bucket. It was an amazing day and night, the sun was beaming throw the window and the music was loud enough for us, we got our bikinis on and in we went.

"We had such a great day and night and making the most while being in lockdown.”

Laura and Rebecca joke that they are just as mad as one another, so each of their ideas tend to be taken well by the other. It was no surprise then when Rebecca’s next plan was to put the Christmas tree up and have a festive-themed night in.

Rebecca said: “Last week, I was lying in bed bored in the house like any other day. The weather wasn't too great that day so I felt like getting cosy and having films on around the Christmas tree.

"I tagged Laura in a post on Facebook saying we could put the tree up for a week, watching Home Alone movies and then by the end of the week lockdown might have eased a bit.

"It's not about the presents, it's about the spirit.

"Then lots of our friends started commenting telling us to go for it, I knew it was going up anyway so had already got the tree sorted and organised our food and movies.

"We ended up with our Christmas jammies on, we watched Home Alone movies, drank hot chocolate and ate plenty of chocolate and sweets.

"It was yet another wee great night."

She added: "We will no doubt come up with something else next week and something just as crazy and mad.

“After all, what else can we do? We can't go anywhere, we need to make memories and laugh about what we have got and done and what we can do in the moment."

Laura added: “ It's all about being different and not caring what people think or say.

“We are in lockdown, there’s nothing else to do so why not keep your spirits up?”