A CARE worker was left “angry and disappointed” after being told to “join the back of the queue” while attempting to shop on behalf of her clients.

The Quarriers Homelife care worker said the experience at Sainsbury’s Drumchapel also caused distress to those she cares for because she had less time to cook their meals.

The key worker, who does not wish to be named, told the Post: “I showed the manager my letter and ID and he didn’t even look at them. He just brushed me off rudely while looking the other way saying, ‘key workers are between 7.30 and 8am, come back then or join the back of the queue’.

“I tried to explain none of my ladies or gents get support at these times, but he didn’t listen.

“The mental health of the people I support is very fragile and some don’t completely understand the situation. As a support worker our time is precious with them.

“I had to go back to the store three times that day and join the back of a very long queue. Being out for almost two hours for shopping and to collect medicine is ridiculous.

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“It makes people anxious and lonelier, more isolated and to add to it all they don’t get a proper meal as we have no time to do it.”

She added: “As always, the vulnerable pay. It wouldn’t take much to make allowances.”

Drumchapel Councillor Paul Carey said he was “shocked” at the manager’s stance.

He added: “Most major supermarkets allow frontline staff into their shops from 8am to 9am; however, they must realise that not all frontline staff can make it at that time.

“People like care workers put their lives on the line to protect the most vulnerable in our society. The message is loud and clear to these supermarkets – change your rules with regards to frontline workers, particularly if they cannot get to the shop before 9am – in this case, 8am.

“I will be asking Sainsbury’s why they are not following other major supermarkets and allowing frontline workers in until 9am. They have to change and allow frontline workers into the shop at any time – they do not all work 9 to 5.”

In response to the May 1 incident, a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We are reserving half an hour from 7.30-8am from Monday to Saturday in all of our supermarkets for NHS and social care workers.

“We are sorry for this customer’s experience and our Drumchapel colleagues hope to welcome them back into store soon.”