A PENSIONER is searching for his long-lost friends half a century after he saw them last.

Steve Winder, 70, of Heywood, in Great Manchester, contacted the Post in search of Harold and Margaret Gaffney, two pals he last saw in 1968.

Harold and Margaret married, and moved to Clydebank where they had a child named Walter David, who was born in 1969 in Old Kilpatrick.

Steve said in his letter: “As an 18-year-old we had some good times when they lived in Eccles. At the time I was busy courting here in Lancashire and lost touch with them as I got married.

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“The last time I saw Harold was in approximately 1972, when he called off at our then home. He was alone and said he now lived in Birmingham. Since then I have heard nothing from either of them.

“I have searched for them without success and Margaret’s hometown of Clydebank would appear to be my last resort.

“I would dearly love to contact my old friends.”

If anyone has any information regarding Harold or Margaret and would like to help Steve find his friends, then please contact the Post by emailing editorial@clydebankpost.co.uk.