There was a spark between Errol and Kathleen McSherry when they first met at an electrical store more than 55 years ago - and now the Clydebank couple have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

The former frontline workers were supposed to be enjoying a holiday to Lanzarote before a long weekend in Blackpool. But with lockdown limits having scuppered those plans, instead they spoke to their four children via a video chat.

Kathleen met Errol when they both worked in Glasgow’s Glenn’s Electricals when they were aged 16.

The couple, then aged 22, married at St Agnes’s Catholic Church, in Lambhill, where Kathleen’s parents and sister had also tied the knot.

Once wed, they settled into their home at Ingram Street Fire Station, in Glasgow, as Errol had come from a long line of firemen and served himself before becoming a lorry driver.

Errol was a fireman during the Great Storm in 1968, where half of Glasgow’s council houses were brought down - and he also saved a baby from a blaze.

They went on to have four children, Pauline, Paul, Ashley and Kathleen, who was delivered at home by her dad. The couple now live in Faifley, having raised their children in Clydebank.

Kathleen, 72, worked as a midwife in Stobhill, the Queen Mother’s and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital until she retired five years ago, although she was called back into action briefly to help deliver her own grandson.

She was also nominated for an NHS Our Heroes award by her former colleagues, due to her incredible work delivering 7,000 babies across her career.

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Their daughter Ashley told the Post: “We are a really close family, and we always have been.

“Mum and dad were great parents and we have so many memories of dad taking us fishing or mum dedicating her evening to taking the girls to baton twirling.

“Now that we are all grown up and have families of our own, we go on holidays together and my parents are amazing to their grandchildren.

“It’s a bit of shame that they didn’t get their holiday, but they don’t seem to be dwelling on it too much.”

And the couple seem to be making the most of isolation by playing online games with their family and video calling their six grandkids. They even received a video of all their family memories to watch on their anniversary on April 4.

Ashley said: “Mum and dad understand that the best thing to do for now is stay home. They appreciate the work of the people on the frontline so they haven’t been too upset.

“Dad was a bit miffed when we told him he had to stay home. He’s a very pragmatic person, so it was all a bit alien to him that he couldn’t get out to Aldi’s or to pick the kids up from school.

“They are looking forward to booking up another holiday when all of this is over and we can all celebrate as a family too.”

Instead of their holiday, they enjoyed looking through all the old photographs and Errol made dinner - just the kind of quiet celebrations the two enjoy.

Ashley added: “They are quite unassuming. That’s probably why they booked a wee holiday and why they looked most forward to a FaceTime with the family.”