Clydebank chairwoman Grace McGibbon has thanked the club’s players and staff for giving up their entire wages for the months of April and May.

Teams across the country, from the Premiership to the juniors, have felt the full force of football being brought to a halt due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Games haven’t taken place since the middle of March, with no date set for a return, but McGibbon is hopeful Clydebank remain in good shape for the 2020-21 season – whenever that may be.

She said: “There wasn’t any quibble from the players.

“We paid them all in full for March and they were due to get paid in April and May, and without any hesitation they all agreed to leave those two months. That gives us a head start for the start of next season.

“It wasn’t about not having the money to pay the wages just now – [it was] more about where it leaves us for the start of next season, because sponsorship and things may be a bit hard to come by.

“We just don’t know what situation other people and businesses are going to be in. It makes a massive difference to the club not to have to worry about that.”

What happens for the remainder of the season remains to be seen, and even if it will take place.

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The Bankies have played the most league games out of every side in the West region and, currently lying in fifth place in the league standings, McGibbon admits she isn’t too bothered about finishing the campaign.

She said: “The rest of the season makes no odds to us. For the fans and the players we want to finish as high as possible and that was still quite important to us before the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We wanted to finish in a decent position but in reality we were moving anyway so it really didn’t have much of a bearing.

“This season, as far as we’re concerned, is pretty pointless.

“The SJFA are taking instruction from the SFA who have yet to make a decision, and when they have I think the SJFA will follow suit.”

Clydebank are one of 48 teams who have nailed their colours to the mast of the new West of Scotland Football League, having been one of the first clubs to submit an application to join.

The deadline for clubs to apply to join the new league was pushed back to Tuesday of this week, but McGibbon is hopeful of no further delays.

She said: “The only reason they had to put the extension in was because a few things had changed from the last Pyramid Working Group meeting that clubs maybe hadn’t considered. The extension was nothing to do with Covid-19. and was purely for practical reasons.

“As far as I’m aware there’s no delay to anything.

“There is the SFA AGM on June 9, where everything gets rubber stamped, but whether that still goes ahead in its current format we’ll have to see.”