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A PROFESSIONAL singer-songwriter from Attlee Avenue in Linnvale has gone viral after he performed a gig in his garden to put a smile on the face of his neighbours in lockdown.

Graham Holley, 53, didn’t tell his neighbours he was planning to play to them on Sunday, but in the early afternoon he set up his guitar and started off quietly before cranking it up when neighbours turned out on their doorstep to cheer him on.

The musician decided to play a few well known songs, such as “Stuck in the House with You” – his take on the Stealer’s Wheel classic.

The video has been viewed more than 203,000 times since it was shared by his wife Darice on Facebook.

Graham told the Post: “I usually play gigs all over the place and sing for the band Chinese Whispers, but since lockdown it has all dried up.

“People need a wee bit of positivity in their lives, and I was going stir crazy because I hadn’t played in a while.

“I didn’t know what effect it would have, but I hoped it would put a smile on people’s faces, once I got going the neighbours were all coming out to cheer me on.

“It was magical and the response has been so positive, we haven’t even received one nasty comment on Facebook.”

Graham isn’t originally from Clydebank, and doesn’t know many of his neighbours, but it appears he has found quite a few new fans.

The video has reached people in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

One person in France, who is originally from Clydebank, got in touch to say they loved the idea, while others commented on the sense of happiness from his son cheering him on in the background.

Graham joked about the sudden fame, and said: “At my age, it’s been quite good fun.

“If I had a pound for every person who watched it, I’d be able to pay off the mortgage.”

“The real reward here is bringing a little bit of positivity, it lifted my mood and many others.

“It’s a very sad time at the moment, and rightly so there is always focus on the death toll, but we all need a reason to smile.

“It’s honestly been magical, I’m glad I could sing a few songs and maybe bring back some memories of happier times”.