A SECOND "Clap for Carers" will take place tomorrow night - but this time to show appreciation for all key workers on the front line amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, thousands of people across the country took to their door steps or balconies to clap and cheer for NHS workers and carers at 8pm.

But, a new statement on the Clap for Carers website read: "We will say thanks to all who take care of us, keeping our world going on April 2 at 8pm.

"We will still be clapping, but this time we will add everyone that is helping our world to keep turning. All who are OUT so we can stay in...

"So thank you shop workers, delivery men/women for food, goods and mail, mailman/women, teachers, bin collectors, veterinarians, cleaners etc... Without you we are NOWHERE...

"Every Thursday at 8pm, we let those who take care of us, on any level, know that we are grateful and appreciate them."

Last week, Clydebank came out in force to show their appreciation with hundreds of people sharing videos on social media with the #StayHome#StaySafe hashtag.