A SAFARI worker from Clydebank has been providing children with educational fun by broadcasting live from Blair Drummond.

More than 230,000 people tuned in to the safari park’s first-ever live video on Thursday, in which Shonagh Bell was teaching youngsters about red ruffed lemurs.

The 31-year-old zookeeper, who has worked at the park for two years, filmed a 25-minute video showing off the park’s lemurs and answering questions about them.

Despite Blair Drummond being closed to the public due to the coronavirus lockdown, Shonagh and her colleagues still need to be on hand to care for the 350 animals who live there.

Shonagh told the Post: “We’re still going to work to feed and look after the animals – they still need cared for, no matter what’s going on, so we need to be there.

“I got the idea of broadcasting live while I’ve been at work, because when I get to work it makes me forget about the reality of what’s going on as I’m too busy with the animals.

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“The animals take my mind off things so that’s the reason I wanted to do it – to take people’s minds off what’s going on by using the animals and teaching the kids during the lockdown.”

Shonagh, who studied zoology at university, said that every week, children can learn all about a new animal while watching the live broadcast.

This week, the park’s meerkats will feature – followed by a short quiz.

More than 9,800 people commented on the first live video with the majority praising Shonagh and the park for keeping their children entertained.

Shonagh said: “We got a lot of positive feedback from the video. It was aimed at children and most people said the kids were loving getting to see the animals live.

“I was nervous before I went on – it was my first time doing it, but the animals calmed me down a bit.

“They are all still getting the same care as they would normally, but the keepers are having to change the way they work – we are keeping distance and not working together.”