A FAIFLEY minister helped more than 100 Bankies honour their mums last Sunday as many people were unable to visit loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Social distancing measures in place to reduce the spread of Covid-19 mean the public were not allowed to visit any family in person this year.

Ahead of Mother’s Day last Sunday, Reverend Gregor McIntyre took to Facebook to offer to tie yellow ribbons to the Mother and Daughter statue on Faifley Road.

He asked anyone who wished to have a ribbon tied for their mum to comment on his post.

The Church of Scotland minister expected a small response from people who attend his congregation, but was inundated with requests from across the local community.

His original post read: “Let’s make solutions and keep positive. We can’t gather at the Mother and Daughter this year but I can go and I can tie a ribbon on your behalf.

“I’ve got lots of ribbons, so all you have to do is leave a message to count you in.

“You don’t have to say anything personal, just get busy typing and it’s for everyone in Clydebank, not just the church.

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“I’ll upload a video of how it goes so you could let your mother, or your family, see the video of all the ribbons fluttering their witness to love and care.”

The post received 162 comments and 24 shares, with people thanking him for his kind gesture and thoughtfulness.

Many shared the names of their mothers who are currently self-isolating, while others asked for their ribbon to be tied in memory of their late mother as they cannot leave their home to pay respect at the graveside.

Rev McIntyre shared a video of the ribbons being tied on the Faifley Parish Church YouTube channel on Sunday, which has received 700 views.

Addressing his followers in the video, he said: “Today, this is a place where we will remember the mothers and strong women who have been a huge benefit to our lives.

“It is Mothering Sunday, and through Facebook I have had requests for more than 100 ribbons to be tied to remember people who are alive and others who are remembered for all that they have done in their life and have gone into God’s care.

“Here today, with the yellow ribbons that we tied onto this statue, mother and daughter, grandmothers, mothers-in-law – all sorts of people are remembered for the roles they have played in mothering people in Clydebank.”

Rev McIntyre was joined by his own family in the video, as the church has now been instructed to close its doors to the public.