A CLYDEBANK man who told housing staff he would kill himself if he was housed in a high-rise flat has been slammed by a sheriff.

Latif Mirza pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening and abusive manner towards employees of Clydebank Housing Association (CHA).

The 42-year-old appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on Friday following his behaviour during a phone call on December 17, 2019.

The procurator fiscal told the court: “The accused has been a tenant of CHA for a number of years. The accused requested to apply for help for addiction issues and a property elsewhere.

“They tried to explain the process to him and he became verbally abusive and stated ‘if you come to the door there will be a problem – you won’t be walking out, I guarantee you that’.

“The witness advised the accused the calls were being recorded to which he replied: ‘Go f**k yourself, you f*****g w***e’.

“The witness terminated the call and police were called.”

The court was also told that on February 11, 2020, Mirza attended at the One Stop Shop, where he also acted in a threatening and abusive manner.

The procurator fiscal explained: “He attended and asked for advice with his addiction. He was in an unhappy state and wanted to put in a complaint.

“He began to shout ‘CHA are racists, if you give me a multi-storey flat I will commit suicide and it will be your fault’.

“The witness tried to engage with the accused but he stated, ‘I don’t want any help’ and left.

“Police were contacted and he became hostile towards the officers.”

Sheriff William Gallacher placed Mirza under social workers’ supervision for 12 months.

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The sheriff said: “This is unacceptable behaviour. These are people doing their job. You’re not entitled to treat people in that way.

“I’m told by your lawyer that you’re willing to comply with an order. If you don’t comply, the consequences will be very significant.”