A CULTURAL group from Clydebank is tackling food waste by taking recipes from all over the world and including them in a new cookbook.

The ISARO Community Initiative is showing how Scottish communities can strike a blow for the environment and to take their own steps to ensure food waste is off the menu.

Recipes within the book cover African, Indian, Roma and Syrian cuisine.

The book, named The Melting Pot Cookbook, is supported by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund and has been designed to provide affordable, straight-forward meals that bring new flavours to the dinner table and includes tips for reducing food waste.

Carina Macdonald, project officer at ISARO Community Initiative, said: “The Melting Pot Cookbook is one of our most exciting and rewarding projects to date. It allowed us to bring together the communities we work with through their love of food and in doing so, allowed us to reinforce the importance of sustainable living.”

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The publication is also supported by Zero Waste Scotland, a charity working to reduce food waste across the country.

Scottish households throw our nearly 600,000 tonnes of food each year, at a cost more than £1 billion.

Preventing food waste could save homes £437 per year.

Iain Gulland, chief executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “With recipes aimed at reducing food waste, the ISARO Community Initiative is developing an inclusive approach that cuts back on greenhouse gases.”

The Melting Pot Cookbook is available to purchase from isaroinitiative.org.uk/project/climate-challenge-initiative/.