THE mum of a 13-year-old girl who was raped by a Faifley man more than double her age has said her daughter’s life has been ruined following the horrific attack.

Mark McKinney, 32, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow for sentencing last week after he was previously found guilty of raping the teenager, and sexually assaulting another 13-year-old on the same day.

Last Wednesday, Lord Matthews ordered McKinney, formerly of Milldam Road, to serve five and a half years behind bars.

The 13-year-old girl’s mum – who, like her daughter, cannot be identified for legal reasons – said she was “disappointed” with the sentence.

She told the Post: “I thought he would have got longer. He’s ruined my daughter’s life. She’s on anti-psychotic medication at the age of 14 and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.

“She’s gone from being bubbly and outgoing to having the weight of the world on her shoulders.

“I’ve got to try to appeal this – it’s a joke. The fact is, he’s raped a 13-year-old.

“He’s done the worst of the worst. It’s horrible – the justice system is horrible.”

McKinney launched his assault after forcing the girl to take heroin, cocaine, cannabis and booze.

The court was told previously that he groomed her through text messages before the attack in September 2018.

Forensic examiners found the victim’s DNA under his fingernails after the brutal assault was reported to police.

And he was caught on CCTV walking along the road holding hands with her – despite her young age, and the almost-20-year age gap between them.

McKinney also took her on a journey to a drug dealer’s house in Drumchapel where he swapped a laptop for a bag of cocaine.

The victim’s mum said: “He will be out before he’s 40 with a life still ahead of him and he’s ruined my daughter’s.”

Lord Matthews sentenced McKinney to three years in prison for the sexual assault of the other girl and five and a half years for the rape charge, but the sentences will run at the same time.

The mum added: “I think he should do the eight years – they shouldn’t run concurrent. I expected him to get about eight.”

Paul Nelson, defending, said McKinney “disagreed” with the jury’s verdict.

Mr Nelson told the court: “He understands the jury’s function; he understands you must dispose of the case in relation to the jury’s verdict; but he disagrees with the verdict the jury reached in this case.

“This matter is a change in the nature of his previous offences. His record shows one road traffic matter and personal consumption of cannabis. His position remains as at trial.”

But the victim’s mum said that McKinney was guilty from the “get go”.

She said: “Him saying he disagrees with the jury’s verdict is a lot of c**p. He’s in denial.

“I was with my daughter when she went for police examination which showed her injuries.

“There’s no denying the fact he did do that to her. He is 100 per cent guilty whether he’s denying it or not.”

The mum said the effects of the sexual assault have been far-reaching for the young girl.

She added: “This is still traumatic for my daughter and the whole family.

“Normal things are too much for her and it has seriously affected her education.”

The victim’s mum previously told the Post that they had to move house due to McKinney being let out on bail for 16 months before the trial – and her family had seen him “everywhere they went”.

She said: “He knew my daughter before the attack, and was well aware of what age she was.

“When my daughter told me the day after it happened, it was a shock as we all know him.”

Sentencing McKinney, Lord Matthews told him: “A young lady said that you had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The jury found that that was the case.”

McKinney was placed on the sex offenders register.