The council has made an urgent bid for the supply of anti-bacterial hand gel on the Public Contract Scotland website.

West Dunbartonshire Council has put out a public contract for the “urgent supply of min 60 per cent alcohol surface wipes and anti-bac gel”.

However, in a recent education meeting, a council officer stated there is plenty of soap and cleaning materials which can be used in schools in case of an emergency and children will be advised to wash their hands more regularly.

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Laura Mason, chief education officer, said: “We have stock aside for an emergency. We are in different times and the advice is that you wash your hands for 20 seconds very regularly.”

Commenting on the contract publication, a WDC spokeswoman said: “We currently have stock and contingency supplies of soap, cleaning materials and sanitiser gel but recognise that in the current situation these could be depleted much quicker than would normally be the case. We are making preparations to ensure we can continue to access supplies in the long term.”