Clydebank’s Iceland Food Warehouse have introduced a dedicated an hour in the morning in order for vulnerable and elderly customers to get what they need amid coronavirus panic buying.

The store at Clydebank Retail Park, Livingstone Street, will be open from 8am-9am every day for OAP’s and vulnerable residents only.

The news comes as residents have been stockpiling - leaving shop shelves across the town empty.

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In a statement, the store said: “The Food Warehouse would like to thank our amazing employees and customers for the continued support during this difficult time.

“We always put our customers first and as such, we have listened to your feedback and will be implementing priority shopping hours for the elderly and most vulnerable.

"Our stores will open its door to the elderly and most vulnerable at 8am-9am daily.

"During this time, we ask the public to respect this time period, in order to allow our more vulnerable customers to pick up the supplies they need.

“As our employees will need to continue to ensure tills are serviced and shelves are stocked, we will not be able to actively monitor this at all times, so we kindly ask our customers to be respectful of this measure and assure you we are doing all we can to ensure all our customers have everything they need.”