A FAIFLEY teenager will perform at this year’s TRNSMT festival where he will share the limelight with music heavyweights including Liam Gallagher.

Bankie Alex White makes up the four-piece band SPYRES, along with Jude Curran, Emily Downie and Keira McGuire.

The group, aged between 16 and 18, have just released their brand new single, Fake ID, following on from their successful first track Otherside. They formed around a year ago.

Last week, it was announced they will be performing live on Saturday, July 11, at the festival in Glasgow Green.

Alex told the Post: “It’s one of those festivals that everyone looks forward to going to and to be apart of it is unreal.

“We look up to a lot of the acts that are in the lineup and to be our age and be a part of it is crazy.”

The band, who perform alternative indie rock, will be playing on the River Stage at the festival.

Jennifer White, Alex’s mum, said: “Things are going from strength to strength. Since November, things have just gone crazy.

“They are just back from down south after their very first tour – supporting singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd.

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“They played in Southampton, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester, and London.

“I’m so proud of Alex, but I’m so proud of them all – they work so hard and it’s paying off for them.

“They are a great bunch of kids and all get on so well together.”

Alex, who attended St Peter the Apostle High School, is the band’s drummer, the girls play guitar and sing, and Jude plays bass.

Jennifer said: “Alex has been playing the drums since he was seven years old when he got his first set from his grandparents.

“He used to play football, and when standing at the side lines, was tapping away with his feet.

“The school were really good with him, they used to let him stay later to practise on the drums.

“He’s never had any lessons, so he taught himself. I don’t know how he does it, he makes it look so easy.”