A CLYDEBANK woman has slammed the council’s “horrendous” repairs for leaving her young family without hot water for more than a month.

Lesley-Anne Miller, 31, lives at Mountblow House with her partner, one-year-old daughter and son, aged eight.

Their baby has had to be bathed in the sink for the past four and a half weeks due to hot water failing to run in the house that they’ve lived for three years.

Lesley-Anne told the Post: “Environmental Health told me it wasn’t acceptable for longer than 48 hours and West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) said there was no alternative accommodation for our size of family.

“Someone came out to see us and told us it would be done as soon as possible, and it was four and a half weeks before it was fixed.

“The council have a new system and the worker who came out put their notes through - but the council couldn’t read that there was a following job - they didn’t know anything else was to be done so didn’t contact anyone.

“The repairs department is absolutely horrendous, and their customer relations are not much better.

“I’ve been boiling kettles to get hot water. I have a smart meter and have been watching it rise and rise.

“My baby has gone through nine days of being not well as I couldn’t sterilise her bottles properly. I’ve had to go out and buy new bottles.

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“She was having to get bathed in the sink as it was taking too long to fill the bath and she’s too wee for a shower.

“I was phoning and speaking with people all the time. They just don’t care.

“I said I wasn’t paying my water rates and they told me I still need to pay even though I haven’t had it.”

The family’s hot water was fixed on Saturday, and WDC provided Lesley-Anne with a £20 Asda gift voucher and £40 towards her electricity bill.

Speaking on Friday, a spokeswoman for the council told the Post: “We are sorry Ms Miller is unhappy and apologise for any inconvenience.

“The custom-made hot water tank is now available from the manufacturer and will be fitted over the weekend. We will continue to support Ms Miller until the works on her home have been completed to her satisfaction.”