A WHITECROOK teenager who threatened to stab his ex’s parents and went on to smash their car windscreen in broad daylight has been warned he could go to jail.

Alistair Drain – who has a previous conviction for a serious assault committed just two months after he turned 16 – hurled abuse at the couple from outside their home in Crown Avenue on Boxing Day.

Fiscal depute Sarah Healing told Dumbarton Sheriff Court the couple had heard a voice outside their home at around 12.30pm on December 26, which they recognised to be Drain.

“The accused shouted ‘come down, I’m going to stab you’,” Ms Healing said, “and ‘youse are all for it, youse are all getting it’.

“The accused’s attention was drawn to another individual within the property, to whom he shouted ‘you’re getting it as well, you specky b*****d’.

“The accused walked to the back of the building and continued being generally abusive; he then disappeared from view, but returned 15 minutes later.

“On that occasion he was in possession of a glass bottle, which he threw at the vehicle belonging to his ex-partner’s father.”

Police were called and Drain was found at his home address later that afternoon, where he claimed that cuts to his hands were the result of a fall.

During a police interview he admitted attending at the property and smashing the front windscreen.

Drain, of Lappin Street, who can now be identified after he turned 18 on Monday, was previously convicted of leaving another teen seriously injured and permanently disfigured by repeatedly punching him and hitting him with a bottle in an attack in Brown Avenue in April 2018.

Despite leaving his victim with a permanent facial scar and long-term nerve damage, Drain was placed on a community payback order (CPO), and ordered to pay compensation to his victim.

Stephen McGuire, defending, said Drain had been frustrated over contact arrangements with his young child.

“It’s boorish, aggressive behaviour,” Mr McGuire said, “and there’s nothing that can excuse or justify it.”

Drain appeared at court for sentencing on Friday after pleading guilty to charges of threatening or abusive behaviour and vandalism.

Sheriff William Gallacher – who had opted not to jail Drain for the 2018 assault – said: “I’m not sure I recognise him as the person I sentenced on the previous occasion, and my anxiety is that the whole premise by which I dealt with him then might have been flawed.

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“I’m concerned he is a much more harmful individual than I was persuaded to accept on the last occasion.”

He added: "You’re about to turn 18 – you either sort yourself out, or you’re going to become a complete liability to everyone, including yourself.”

Drain was released on bail, and was ordered to return to court on April 7, when his CPO on the previous case will be reviewed.