AN ACTION plan to improve the quality of home services for West Dunbartonshire council house residents is to be drawn up.

A tenant satisfaction survey carried out last September revealed that 75 per cent of tenants were very or fairly satisfied with the assistance they received from the local authority, which is a slight drop in the past two years.

A total of 503 telephone interviews were carried out to identify issues and establish what could be done better.

The survey also showed that satisfaction levels have decreased since the last survey in 2017 from 81 per cent, but it is still higher than the 66 per cent satisfaction rate recorded from the first survey in 2014.

The issue was discussed at the housing and communities committee on Wednesday afternoon, where Labour councillor Gail Casey expressed some concerns about repairs and maintenance not being carried out.

Cllr Casey said: “I have had people from Clydebank East Community Council complain that repairs are not being carried out on their property.

“They have now stopped attending meetings because of this. People are having to phone the council, but nothing is being done.

“I will give credit where credit is due, but there is still a lot of work to be done to address this problem.”

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Councillor Diane Docherty, chairwoman, agreed that there was “still a long way to go”.

A report presented to councillors showed more than half of respondents (57 per cent) had been in contact with their landlord in the last 12 months.

Around 67 per cent said their query was answered within a reasonable time, a drop from 77 per cent in 2015 and 69 per cent said it was easy to get hold of the right person; a drop from 74 per cent in 2016.

SNP councillor Jonathon McColl, council leader, said: “We have all had issues in our wards, particularly with repairs and maintenance, and I would like to see the council bring forward an action plan to address this.

“I am going to see another constituent who has had problems of this nature and asking them to send in pictures to the relevant department, but it shouldn’t come to this for anyone.

“There have been problems for some time, and I am hoping that new IT systems will solve them. I would like to see another written report brought before councillors.”